So... I'm on Youtube!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Me and my best friend Charlotte recently went to watch the 1975 gig in Manchester which is as any fan will know, the boys' home town. We decided to film an outfit video and pre-concert vlog with a little footage from the actual concert, well to be honest the bits that we weren't hysterically screaming over!
I would really appreciate it if you could check out our channel and show your support by subscribing or liking as we have a lot more to come!

Side note
We. Met. Matty. Healy.
Take that in for a moment. You can see our selfies with Matty and Adam here:

Guitar Browsing OOTD

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Jeans: Topshop, Top: Vintage, Jacket: River Island, Boots: New look, Sunglasses: New look, Necklace: Topshop

 As the boredom phase of the summer holidays commences, you begin to find yourself taking every oppourtunity that you can find to get out of the house.  For this reason I decided to go with my Dad to the proffesional music technology shop to buy a new amp lead, thrilling times.

However the range of guitars was amazing, I started teaching myself to play the electric guitar in March and whilst I am pleased with my progress, I was way too intimidated to have a go on any of the models in the shop, especially as the resident metal-heads were performing hardcore rock solos the entire time.

I wore my Topshop coated jeans with this Harley Davidson tank top I bought off Depop. It will be a remarkable day when I decide to forgo some sort of leather jacket, on this occasion I went with my cropped River Island one. To switch it up a bit I decided to accessorize with a gold collar necklace to match the metal trims on these new look ankle boots.

Hope you're finding fun ways to pass the summer!

*By the way how gorgeous is that guitar...

OOTD: Extra Terrestrial Arctic Monkeys

Friday, 1 August 2014

Overdressed as always, I headed out for a trip to Llandudno pier with my family. Assuming it was going to be breezy by the sea, I opted for this white biker coat from Primark with my blue Topshop Jamie jeans as they are the softest pair I own, making them perfect for long and uncomfortable car journeys. 
I chose my Topshop ankle boots as they are sturdy enough for walking around in and relatively comfortable too. 

Being pretty much obsessed with the Arctic Monkeys I decided to wear my band tee as I have rediscovered them since learning to play the guitar. I layered my ID collar and my Zara necklace to create a large statement piece because I am really into wearing an overload of jewellery at the moment!

My accessories are probably my favourite part of this look and this E.T clutch has a starring role, despite being described as 'hideous' by my mother. I got this from H&M for £2 the other day so it was definitely a bargain and I can't seem to put it down...

I bought the skull biker ring from a shop on the pier along with a couple of others and I love the way it looks with my Casio watch and arm dermals. A red lip always seems to be my go to makeup look when I wear my hair in a topknot and so I blew the dust off my MAC Marylin Monroe collection lipstick in 'Charmed I'm sure.'

 I hope your all having a great summer!

York OOTD: Alexander Wang dupe and Topshop Joni jeans

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Here's what I wore to explore the city of York on my recent mini holiday. As you can see I chose a vivid and uplifting colour palette of black, grey and more black...

My tee shirt is from Burtons menswear, I like how it references tattoos as I spend far too much time in my local tattoo shop either getting pierced or fixing messed up piercings along with my best friend Charlotte.

I love to wear this tee shirt with a statement necklace, which I have a lot of. I saw this one in Zara and fell in love with all the chains and spikes but I couldn't justify paying that much, so when I saw the exact same necklace on Ali Express for £6 with free shipping, I ordered it straight away! It even came in the Zara packaging, is that dodgy? yes. Could you question the legalities? Probably. But hey, I got a good deal.

I wore my grey, acid-wash Topshop Joni jeans because they're super comfy and feel more like jeggings than jeans. I hate it when you have a long car journey and your jeans wrinkle up at the back of your knee, is that not the most annoying thing ever?

It was pretty cold in York so I threw on my Topshop leather jacket and also my Topshop Aphrodite boots as they are the most comfortable for walking around all day. My Alexander Wang dupe bag is from eBay and I find it to be the perfect size for staying over at a friends or short trips away, as it holds a lot of stuff but still enhances an outfit.

So that's what I wore to go sightseeing in York, hope you enjoyed this post and please excuse the headphones, mirror photos and crying Kim K phone case! My family are usually extremely unorganized and so they were very concerned about missing Breakfast at the hotel...

York photo diary

Sunday, 1 June 2014

On Thursday I took a trip to York with my family, I initially didn't expect much because I didn't really know what the city had to offer but I actually really enjoyed it!
We visited York minister but I didn't look round because I refused to pay, I get that people have to make money but it's annoying. Saying that though it was beautiful to look at even from the outside!
We also rambled about the town looking in gift shops, which too were overpriced. I mean yes I would have enjoyed a plush grumpy cat but I'm not going to hand over twenty English pounds to satisfy that need.
We ate in a restaurant called Rustique which I would highly reccomend for anyone visiting the city. I had the seafood linguine, which had a lot of fish, mussels, prawns ect, often I find that seafood dishes only contain a couple of prawns so that was a nice change. The meal was amazing and my family thoroughly enjoyed their meals too.
The next day we visited the museum gardens where I was half bullied into holding an owl. I think the photo above truly captures my expression of fear...
Overall York was a surprisingly good mini holiday and the city has a lot to offer!