MAC Eyeshadow Collection And Swatches

Monday, 14 April 2014

 L-R: Pigments: Vanilla, Golden olive
Eyeshadows: Top: Texture, Heaux, Carbon, Middle: Kid, Cranberry, Woodwinked, Bottom: Honeylust
Heaux, Honeylust, Texture

Top - Bottom
Texture, Honeylust, Heaux, Cranberry, Woodwinked, Kid

With flash, Last three swatches are Carbon (I know -_-) Golden olive, Vanilla

On the whole I am a huge fan of MAC shadows for their amazing pigmentation and huge range of shades. I have been trying to build up my collection over the last couple of years, at the moment I own Heaux purple grey (Satin) Kid, Light warm beige (Veluxe) and Texture, a Warm orange brown (Velvet) These shades are my favourite blending and crease colours. I also use texture across the lid quite a bit as it really makes green eyes pop.

The shimmery shades I own are Honeylust, a warm gold glitter (Lustre finish) This shade is stunning when used wet alone or over Woodwinked (Veluxe pearl) which will forever be one of my favourites. Cranberry (Frost) makes a nice change from neutral shadows and is perfect for Autumn/Winter smokey eyes.

The pigments were 'borrowed' off my mum, I think they came out in one of the holiday collections? Unfortunately I am still mourning the loss of Tan pigment, which met its tragic end on the bathroom tiles *cries* Golden olive is a beautiful shade and the name is pretty self explanatory, I don't really find myself reaching for this shade though as green smokey eyes isn't a look I do often. Vanilla is similar to NARS Albatross in colour except Vanilla is much more glittery. This pigment makes a gorgeous highlight either on the inner corner or the tops of the cheekbones for a dramatic glow.

Finally can we just talk about what the hell is going on with Carbon, this is my least favourite from MAC, instead of being a pigmented black as the name suggests, this comes off as a dirty grey/green colour. I have seen black eyeshadows that put Carbon to shame from Urban Decay and even Sleek!

I hope you enjoyed this review, Let me know what your favourite MAC eyeshadows are.

Forever 21 Sunglasses

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Sunglasses are something I rarely buy as the British weather doesn't often provide enough sunshine to justify wearing them. However I was inspired by American Horror Story Coven to start wearing sunglasses more often because they just look fabulous and who gives a crap whether its hot enough.
These three pairs were all £4.90 from Forever 21 which is a price I am willing to pay, compared with the likes of Topshop who were charging around £18. The quality is really good and all three pairs suit my face which is something I struggle with when choosing sunglasses.
The first pair are in the flat top style and have blue and clear ombre frames. I really like these for a casual look as they add a sporty feel to an outfit.
The second pair are cat eye and incredibly over-sized. I will admit that I do bear a slight resemblance to a fly in these sunglasses but they are undoubtedly a statement piece. I love pairing these with a red lip for a retro look.
The final pair are these mirrored aviators, I was torn between the blue and yellow, both of which were really nice but I decided to opt for the yellow as it seems like everyone and their cat has blue mirrored sunglasses. These also produce that enticing fly-like appeal but I do really love these for casual looks. They look great paired with a leather jacket too.
Let me know your favourite style of sunglasses...

Illamasqua Pure Pigments: Feverent, Static and Ore (Glitter lovers prepare...)

Thursday, 27 March 2014


Every makeup lover is sure to have that one product that draws attention every time you wear it. Illamasqua's pure pigments are my new holy grail eyeshadow for going out, I even wear these in the day because I am so addicted to the finish! 
The packaging of the products is a little messy, however I have yet to come across a container that can hold a loose pigment without dispersing too much product, at least these pigments have a sifter, unlike the MAC ones.
The first shade I purchased was Feverent, a duo-chrome shade that can be compared to MAC blue brown pigment although Feverent is much more of a reddish tone. The product applies with full opacity giving a smooth red brown base with reflects of blue and green glitter. Every time I wear this with a smokey eye I am plagued with endless questions about the glittery wonder that is the pure pigment.

Completely and utterly in love with Feverent, I went out and purchased two more shades. Static is a white pigment that reflects lilac and pink in the light. I love using this pigment to hi-light my inner corner for an ethereal feel, and also this shade is amazing when layered over a black base to create a purple glitter smokey eye. With regards to application, I would stick to using these pigments dry as they tend to go a bit clumpy when wet.

The third and final shade in my collection is Ore, a stunning bronze gold with both gold and silver glitter particles. This has been my go-to lid colour since I bought it and reflects the light beautifully. All the pigments, as you can see from the swatches are very opaque and intense, much more than the MAC pigments I have tried previously. I find the lasting power to be faultless also with minimal fallout for such a glittery product.

At £16.50 these pigments are not cheap, but trust me when I say they are worth every penny!

Rainy day outfit

Friday, 21 March 2014

Rainy days

The weather here in Manchester has been very sporadic lately with sunshine one minute and torrential rain the next. On top of this exams are drawing nearer as we speak which is a little daunting as I really need to get on with revising!

However there's a couple of things on the horizon to look forward to, the first being my birthday on Tuesday which has come around really fast this year. I also cannot wait to visit London with my best friend Charlotte in April and I plan on doing a huge jewellery haul at Camden market.

This outfit was inspired by the rainy days we have been having lately, the rain tends to make me retreat even furthur into a wardrobe of black and grey. I have been loving ripped jeans lately and I am hoping to pick up a pair in the next few weeks, even though I always seem to have bruised knees which isn't cute - calling Sally Hansen airbrush legs spray...

This shark tooth necklace is from the jewellery brand Luv AJ, I have been dreaming about their short shark tooth charm necklace in particular but why is it when the time comes for me to put together a birthday list, it is sold out everywhere?

If anyone finds this necklace online anywhere please let me know!

Youtube Channel!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Exciting news everyone, I have started a Youtube channel with my best friend Charlotte under the name of our joint blog Exploringwardrobes. We filmed a haul video with items we bought on our trip to Manchester and also a few vlog clips.  We plan to post oufit and makeup videos so please like and subscribe!

Nars Fez Eyeshadow

On a recent shopping trip in Manchester I found myself at the Nars counter as I had been on the hunt for the perfect brown eyeshadow to add to my collection. Brown shades are often overlooked yet this shade really caught my eye. Fez is a warm brown shade with golden undertones that catches the light beautifully. I found it to be the middle ground between MAC bronze and Mulch which I had also been debating. Unfortunately the Nars counter in Selfridges did not have this shade in stock but the sales assistant kindly pointed me in the direction of Space NK (I thought Space NK was only in London!) where the sales ladies were lovely I would highly recommend a visit to those who live in Manchester.

I had never previously tried the Nars eyeshadows as I feel their blushes are the brand's most coveted products however I have been really impressed with the formula. The shadow is buttery in texture, blending like a dream and provides even coverage. The lasting power is also very good and Fez remains on the lid a lot longer than the Naked 2 palette shades especially when combined with a primer or the Maybelline colour tattoo in 'On and on bronze.'

I plan to post a 'face of the day' featuring this eyeshadow very soon, let me know what your favourite eyeshadow single is!

Grace xx

Tresemme Keratin Smooth: The worst shampoo I have ever tried...?

Monday, 17 February 2014

Judging by the title you can tell this is not going to be a positive review of this product, however as there are countless blog entries raving about must-have beauty items I thought I would share my views on a few things that I definitely would not recommend, starting with this shampoo.

What the product claims to do:
The new TRESemme Keratin Smooth range restores Keratin and replenishes hair to make it smoother and easier to style. The lower sulphate conditioner is suitable for use even after a salon keratin treatment*. Stay salon smooth with up to 48 hours of frizz control.

Tresemme Keratin Shampoo gently cleanses and restores Keratin.
Formulated without sodium chloride to prolong the results of a salon keratin treatment.
Right. Let me start off by describing my hair type for you, I have colour treated, long, thick, very wavy hair that gets frizzy easily. I took a break from dying my hair in order to restore it to a good condition and purchased this shampoo thinking that it would help, after all, it does promise up to 48 hrs of frizz control.
However after using this shampoo my hair felt very dry, even after using my regular conditioner and a Tresemme leave in conditioner. I allowed my hair to dry naturally overnight and woke up to find my hair even more of a tangled mess than usual! My curls were not defined like they usually are when I leave my hair to air dry and the texture of my hair was extremely dry. After using this product my hair felt worse than it had done after I tried to go platinum blonde on a whim.
This result was not only experienced by myself but my mum and sister also used this shampoo and complained that their hair was dried out, damaged and impossible to brush.
This product may work for those who have naturally straight, non-frizzy hair despite the claims on the packaging, however I suggest anyone with even a slight natural wave to steer clear of this shampoo unless you want to resemble Hermione Granger circa Chamber of secrets at best.
Has anyone else tried this product? xx